Yamaha FS1E (A) 1978 Year Model - NOW SOLD SIMILAR REQUIRED


Yamaha FS1- EA


A superb show standard UK supplied 1978 year model Yamaha FS1- EA fully restored as per original specification and very rare matching numbers.  Complete with 2 sets of original Yamaha keys for the ignition and steering lock.

MOT - 12 Months Upon Purchase, and of course this Fizzy is HPi clear.

By far the best selling sports moped in its heyday, the Fizzy remains the most popular ‘ped’ to restore these days. It’s the only sixteener special to attract the attention of pattern parts and manufacturers to a significant extent, so it’s one of the easier 50s to restore. Even so, good, original bikes are getting ever harder to find and prices have spiralled as demand exceeds supply. Mint FS1-Es have sold for as much as £6000 and you’re unlikely to find a good example for less than £3000.

Sounds a lot for a 50, but you’re also buying into a great social scene, many runs and events, willingness to share technical advice (and even valuable parts) and the cottage industry that supports the FS1-E.

The engine will take any amount of ragging without complaint, servicing is a doddle and consumable parts are cheap. There’s not much that’s simpler than a Fizzy. The ride though, is the real reason for ownership. The FS1-E may lack any real finesse—you have to pre-mix the fuel and oil on the early models, the brakes are pitiful and you’ll have to mould yourself into the slender fuel tank to get anywhere near 50 mph—but that’s not the point. It’s all about riding with a few mates after work on a summer’s evening, slipstreaming, nudging, late braking and carrying all the corner speed you dare—at 40 mph. It might not make you young again—but it’ll feel like it for an hour or two.

More details

Yamaha were the first of the Japanese manufacturers to release a sports moped for the UK. The FS1-E (‘E’ denoting England) was an adaptation of the Dutch-market FS1 moped—itself based on the 1969 FS1 motorcycle. Soon affectionately dubbed as the ‘Fizzy’, the FS1-E became Yamaha’s top-selling bike in the UK just three months after its launch.

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